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Fuel Problems and Fuel Solutions

Fuel Problems and Fuel Solutions

Gasoline containing more than 10 percent ethanol (E10) can be harmful to outdoor power equipment and other small engine products, like lawn mowers, snow throwers, trimmers and more, according to The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI).

Yet, according to 2016 national polls by Nielsen/Harris and OPEI, consumers remain confused about the changing fuels marketplace. Less than one third—31 percent of poll respondents—knew that gasoline blends in excess of E10 are harmful to outdoor power equipment. Five percent knew that gasoline blends in excess of E10 are not approved for use in small engines. Sixty percent of poll respondents assumed that any retail fuel is safe for any type of engine.

Landscape Management, November 2016

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Protect. Preserve. Prevent.

Power Distributors offers 3 degrees of fuel solutions to protect equipment, preserve fuel integrity and prevent damage to small engines caused by ethanol-rich pump fuels.

Ethanol Pre-Treatments like Sta-Bil Storage stabilize gasoline and control ethanol in the fuel system before problems become noticeable Fuel System Treatments like Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula and Sta-Bil 360 Performance Fuel Treatments stabilize gasoline and treat the fuel system after problems become noticeable

Ethanol-Free Fuel from VP Racing and Briggs & Stratton are storage stable, high octane, 100% ethanol-free gasoline packaged for convenience.